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Corporate Summary


International Energy Mining Industry Limited (IEM) registered in Hong Kong in 2004. We are a cross-regional, cross-sector, and diversified energy company, which engages in coal, nickel ore, iron ore and other mineral resources business. Our supplier has set up an operation office in Surabaya, Indonesia and owned several mines in Kalimantan Island.

We proudly announced that within a short period of time in energy trading, IEM has been widely known as one of the most stable and consistent energy traders in the industry. We are one of the very few traders, which entered the China market in the early stage. Nowadays, we provide many power plants and some stated-owned enterprises in China with Envirocoal.

IEM aims to achieve the harmony, flexible, innovative, and fast-growing business philosophy and objective. We adhere to provide our customers with the highest quality mineral resources. In order to achieve rapid development, we search for the breakthroughs in different economic circumstances, and formulate strategic partnership with related industries.